Gira British Standard

Выключатель 3-клавишный/ON-OFF, глянцевый белый
Gira Esprit, белое стекло
The new British Standard range from Gira offers one of the most extensive range of functions worldwide for intelligent building management. As well as the 280 functions from System 55, it offers special functions for countries where installation is carried out according to British Standard. All functions can be installed into the 58 mm flush-mounted boxes and British Standard boxes and are integrated in the Gira switch ranges.

The new British Standard range from Gira complies with the inspection criteria of the British Standard Institute for Standardisation. All functions for intelligent building management can be integrated into it. The range extends from socket outlets, dimmers, rocker and push switches to inserts for blind control, air-conditioning control and door communication and the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB and radio bus system.

All devices equipped with control displays have a clearly visible LED. All functions are available with a 71 x 71 mm support ring for installation in 58 mm flush-mounted boxes, and can be integrated in the Gira Standard 55, E2, Esprit, Event, E22 and F100 switch ranges. The cover frames are available in 1 to 5-gang variants as well as 2-gang without crossbar.

For installation in 1-gang and 2-gang British Standard boxes, the functions from the British Standard core range are equipped with special support rings for installation in angular flush-mounted boxes, and can be combined with the 1-gang and 2-gang cover frames without crossbar from the Gira Event, Esprit and E22 switch ranges. In addition, an adapter support ring also enables the installation of all functions from Gira E22 as well as the more than 280 functions from System 55.

The inserts from System 55 are available in the colours pure white glossy, cream white glossy, aluminium and anthracite. The materials stainless steel, aluminium and thermoplastic are available in the E22 switch range. For the E22 thermoplastic variant, inserts in pure white glossy from System 55 are used. All cover plates from the new British Standard range can be mounted without screws. This maintains the clarity of the design.

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Installation overview of the British Standard installation system


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