Gira Instabus KNX/EIB IR transformer

Instabus IR transformer,
E2, colour aluminium
With the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB IR transformer, stereo units, TVs, DVD players, video recorders and other devices having an IR receiver can be controlled via the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB system. This means that these devices can e.g. be operated via a push button sensor next to the door or in another room and can be included in the light scenes, presence simulations or scenarios. In case of panic function, the house is then not only illuminated repulsively brightly, but is also subject to loud noise at the same time. In combination with the Gira HomeServer 3, TVs, stereo units etc. can be controlled and operated even by Internet and mobile phones.

An interesting commercial application is, for example the inclusion of beamers or slide projects in presentation scenes: When the scene is called up, the units are then activated automatically while the blackening and screen are lowered and the light dimmed down to darkness.

Product details

  • Transmits and receives IR signals
  • Transmits and receives EIB signals
  • Commands, such as on/off, loud/quiet etc. taught in previously, can be triggered
  • Integrated learn mode, i.e. compatible with almost all the IR remote controls (IR frequency range 20 - 70 kHz)
  • How often the signal is transmitted repeatedly when pressed once can be set for each IR control signal
  • The time span between the repetitions can be set once
  • Reset function for all taught-in IR control signals
  • Each taught-in signal can be overwritten by a new signal to be taught in without additional programming, e.g. when switching a stereo system
  • Available in the design of the switch ranges Gira Standard 55, Gira E2, Gira Event, Gira Esprit, Gira F100 and Gira E22.

Method of functioning

The Gira Instabus IR transformer converts KNX/EIB telegrams which it receives via the bus line from a push button sensor, from the Gira HomeServer 3 or from another Instabus device into IR signals and transmits them to the IR receiver of the hi-fi set of the TV etc. These electronic devices are then, for example, activated, set louder or lower or switched to standby.

In addition, the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB IR transformer can also convert IR control commands which it receives via an IR remote control into corresponding KNX/EIB telegrams and, e.g. transmits them to a second Instabus IR transformer. This then converts the KNX/EIB telegrams back into IR control commands and thus controls the corresponding device as desired. It is thus possible, for example, to use the normal remote control to switch the hi-fi set in the living room off or to adjust the volume from the bathroom, bedroom or study.

Technical data

  • IR frequency range: 20 to 70 kHz
  • IR range: approx. 10 m
  • Ambient temperature: -5ºC to +45ºC
  • Protection type: IP 20 - bus interface 2 is included in the scope of delivery
Subject to technical modifications.


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