Keyless In

Gira now offers something for building technology that has long been standard in the automotive industry: Keyless In products for keyless access into rooms and buildings. The technology is based on electronic or biometric systems, and the three Fingerprint, Keypad and Transponder variants can be installed without additional control components as standalone units or integrated into the Gira door communication system, and can be mounted in the standard 58 mm flush-mounted box. Gira Keyless In can be integrated in the switch ranges both inside and outside.

Safety note

Gira Keyless In should not be installed as an individual device in safety-relevant areas. A high level of security is ensured in combination with the Gira door communication system because when integrated there are no contacts that can be bypassed by unauthorised persons.

Gira Keyless In keypad

The Gira Keyless In keypad opens the door when a personal code is entered.
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Keyless In Fingerprint

Gira Keyless In Fingerprint is based upon a biometric system and uses probably the oldest attribute for identification: the fingerprint.
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Keyless In Transponder

The Gira Keyless In Transponder features long-range transponder technology. The reader responds to the signal from the active transponder.
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