Trade-fair dates

What's happening where and when? Trade-fair dates in the current year.
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Gira products are installed in a variety of diverse applications, both in private areas and large-scale industrial or commercial premises. A selection from the Gira reference list.
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Planning aids for intelligent building technology

Whether as a part of house building, restoration or renovation – the future electrical installation must be planned early. The Gira planning aids help you to decide which Gira products are best for which application, and which functions can be used for nurseries, bedrooms, the kitchen, cellar and garden. › More

Saving energy

The topic of energy consumption becomes ever more important with the hikes in energy costs. Despite a growing awareness, private households still consume high quantities of electricity, heating oil and gas. Some of this can be saved without compromising in the least on the usual comfort. On the contrary: modern technologies increase the sense of well-being within your own home. And if energy can be saved in the process, well, so much the better.
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Inscription service

The service for door and home stations, push button sensors, LED illumination and more: in only four steps an inscription can be designed and sent off as an order.
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Media database

Product illustrations, logos, films and illustrations of advertising materials, with downloading. Registered users may also access high-resolution data for print purposes.
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