Gira F100

Push switch,
F100, colour platinum/pure white
The push switch jumps back to its initial position every time the lighting is switched on or off.
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The Gira F100 is simple yet unmistakable in appearance. It offers a multitude of functions for living comfort. The wide range extends from the Gira radio to home stations from the Gira door communication system, numerous functions for the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB system and the Gira radio bus system.

The F100 range is available with the frame colours chrome, brass and platinum as well as pure white glossy and cream white glossy. The range thus consists of five design variants destined for a broad range of interiors, whether for residential or business spaces, with modern architecture or more classical ambiences.


(in mm)
Frame Height Width Depth
1-gang 83,3 83,3 10,6
2-gang 154,4 83,3 10,6
3-gang 225,9 83,3 10,6
4-gang 297,2 83,3 10,6
5-gang 368,5 83,3 10,6


Gira, Radevormwald

Phoenix Design Stuttgart


Gira for the home
Gira Brochure (for Hong Kong)
Gira Brochure (for Shanghai)
Gira Brochure (for Singapore)