Gira light profile, short

Short energy profile with light element, colour aluminium

The small light for green areas outdoors. The Gira light profile is a component for outdoor lighting, e.g. for garden paths, entrance areas and flower beds.
In addition to a diffusing plate for optimum illumination the light element features a narrow light beam on the rear for better orientation. If necessary, the Gira light profiles can be used specifically for path or object illumination: To this purpose the diffusing plate is replaced by an optional slat element.

Light element

  • Aluminium reflector with acrylic glass plate
  • Suitable for lamps with an E 27 base
  • Installed and prewired
  • Can be connected by clamp-type terminal block
  • Water-protected to IP 44
  • Supplied without lamps


The housing, the cover and the base of the Gira light profile consist of rugged, weathering resistant aluminium with a carefree surface. It is scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and conforms to the GSB standard for the colour anthracite.


The Gira light profile base is fastened by only one plug to hard ground. In case of soft grounds it is fastened simply with an optional underground tube which is lowered into the ground.
In order to lay a cable in the garden it is advisable to use a so-called rocket which is shot through the earth, thus reducing the damage to the garden, in addition to trench cutting machine, digger or excavation by hand.


H 491 x W 142 x D 75 mm

H 10 x W 229 x D 155 mm


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