Door/orientation plate

Door/orientation plate,
E22 Aluminium
The Gira door/orientation plate is an optically attractive signage for diverse rooms and applications, both private and commercial. It enables identification signs and electrical installation with a uniform design: The Gira door/orientation plate is available to suit the Gira E2 and Gira Event switch ranges for a 1-gang cover frame and 2-gang cover frame without crossbar.

Product details

  • Consists of a base plate and transparent, attachable cover plate
  • The two installation options: fastening of the base plate to the wall or adhering the of base plate to smooth surfaces (for clean termination and mounting to glass surfaces an optional base plate is available)
  • The transparent cover plate can be simply removed for changing the inscription holder (51 x 51 or 51 x 122 mm)

Areas of application

  • Practices
  • Chambers
  • Offices
  • Companies
  • Hotels
  • Privately as door and name plate


Gira for the home
Gira Brochure (for Hong Kong)
Gira Brochure (for Shanghai)
Gira Brochure (for Singapore)