Instabus KNX/EIB weather station Standard

Instabus KNX/EIB weather station Standard
Wind speed, precipitation, twilight, temperature and brightness can all be measured and evaluated with the new Instabus KNX/EIB weather station Standard. In addition three brightness sensors offset by 90º determine the brightness. The evaluation of the sensors is possible individually or together. The weather station is installed on the building outside, for example on the roof, and connected to the Instabus KNX/EIB system.

Two different limit values can be taught in per sensor. A teach-in function allows for adoption of a current measurement value as the limit value.

In order to increase functional reliability, the weather station monitors itself with regard to important functions and reports corresponding faults independently via signal objects on the bus. Operation without 24V additional supply is possible. In this case, rain detection is deactivated and the corresponding safety objects are permanently activated.

Further details

  • Power supply of the weather station and integrated heating for the wind sensor is via the bus and a 24V AC/DC 300mA power supply.
  • All limit objects have a parameterisable switch-on and switch-off delay.
  • In addition 4 blocking elements and 6 logic gates (AND, AND with return, OR, Exclusive OR, NAND, NOR) can be created. These are available both for internal functions as well as for functions external to the weather station.
  • Limit values can be linked to one another via internal links.
  • The transmission behaviour of the measurement and limit values can be set. Either cyclical or event-oriented transmission can be selected


Installation can be carried both on the roof or to the wall, or to freestanding masts (diameter 50 to 120 mm) with the Gira mast attachment (available as an accessory). The weather station is then fixed with a hose clip.

Technical data

  • Dimensions of device (approx.): height 170 mm, depth 204 mm, width 88 mm
  • Power supply: AC/DC 24 V SELV
  • Power consumption: max. 7W
  • Temperature range: – 20 °C to + 55 °C
  • Wind speed: 0 to 40 m/s
  • Brightness: 1,000 to 110,000 lux
  • Twilight: 0 to 674 lux
  • Precipitation: Yes/No (binary)