Gira Info Display 2

Instabus Info Display 2,
F100, pure white glossy
The Instabus info display 2 shows not only the date and time, but alarm messages, measured values and status of devices and contacts which are part of the Gira Instabus system. The Instabus info display 2 also serves as an interface: with the press of a button integrated devices and lights can be switched and dimmed. The Instabus info display 2 is practical for example in the entrance area or at the bedside.

Product details

  • Optical display of freely programmable texts and values
  • Up to 12 pages with 1, 2 or 4 text lines can be programmed, and a function can be assigned to each line (switching, dimming, value display etc.)
  • Additional alarm page for management of up to 12 alarm messages, each alarm message can be assigned an acoustic and/or visual alarm function
  • 4 buttons for scrolling up and down, acknowledging messages or sending telegrams
  • Can be programmed with the Info Display software in conjunction with the ETS 2 from version 1.2a
  • Can be attached to a flush-mounted bus coupler

Adjustable properties

  • Programming via a software tool called up via the ETS
  • Background illumination: On, Off, when button is pressed, via switching object
  • Alarm triggered if pulled off
  • Alarm signal, alarm side
  • Switching, dimming, blind, value, light scene auxiliary unit
  • Reception and display of date and time telegrams
  • Display of object status, a restraint or a continuous regulator

Technical data

  • Instabus supply: 24 VDC (+6/-4 V) via bus interface (BA)
  • Instabus connection: 2 x 5-pole plug connector
  • Display: LCD illuminated, 4 lines (16 characters), 2 lines (8 characters) or 1 line (4 characters)
  • Text memory: max. 12 pages, each with 4 lines and 16 characters per line
  • Signal transmitter: 2 signal tones (approx. 512/2048 Hz), can be acknowledged
  • Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C
  • Protection level IP 20


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