Gira interface – simple operation of complex systems

Simple operation of complex house control: the concept of the new Gira interface focused mainly upon a high level of user friendliness, fast orientation and a visually appealing information design. All functions controlled by the Gira HomeServer 3 are now available within two levels. A clear and intuitive menu guidance ensures quick access.

Devices that can be used for building control via the Gira HomeServer 3 present themselves with a homogenous interface design, whether the Gira Control 19 Client is used or a laptop, PDA or a Smartphone such as the iPhone.

The user interface has been optimised for the various image sizes of the media. As such, the user interface with large screen diagonals such as with the Gira Control 19 Client is divided into three areas, guaranteeing particularly convenient operation. With colours and the incorporation of background images, individual adaptations according to user requirements can be integrated. The menu items "Favourites" and "MyTouch" takes specific user behaviour into account and can be individually adapted.

New look for HomeServer projects

The new look for existing HomeServer projects is here. Right now a software package with an optical refresh for menu structure and masks of your projects can be downloaded for free: Gira Download Area Following registration the file is available for download, and as a participant of the Gira subscription service you will be automatically informed about further updates per e-mail. In your profile you have the opportunity to modify your data and cancel messages.

Function display

All devices in a room and their status can be seen at a glance. All functions can be directly operated from this display.

Pop-up window

Detailed information and operating elements do not open up on a further level but within a pop-up above the list view. This ensures concise, clear operation.


The "Favourites" menu item offers a collection point for the most frequently used settings. Light scenes or often used functions for example can be stored here.


An individual start screen allows you to configure your own background image and also to centrally place an often used function.


Detection and evaluation of consumption data functions with the aid of graphs. Various values can be displayed according to year, month, week, day and hour.


Seeing who is in the garden or at the gate with one operational step: views from various cameras on the grounds can be called up.

Internet services

Find out in the morning whether an umbrella needs to be packed for the day: weather or news services in RSS format can be displayed by the Gira interface.


With the Gira interface, e-mails can be called up, read and sorted.

Music control

The operation philosophy of the Gira interface makes sure your favourite songs are available when you come home from work. A music archive and player are directly integrated.