Gira SmartSensor

SmartSensor, colour aluminium
The Gira SmartSensor is a control and operating unit for the Gira Instabus KNX/EIB system at which all the Instabus KNX/EIB functions can be controlled and regulated with total convenience. The Gira SmartSensor combines the functionality of continuous regulator, info display and push button sensors with extensive display and configuration possibilities. Operation is as easy as it is convenient. It is carried out by means of an LCD and an operating button for rotating and pressing. Functions which are used often can also be called up directly by means of four rockers at the device.

With its broad assortment, the Gira SmartSensor is especially suitable for lecture rooms and open-plan offices, and also for private applications where rooms can be combined to functional islands. The central control unit can also be integrated in the ITS 30 installation system.

The Gira SmartSensor is available in the colours pure white, aluminium and anthracite.

Instabus control

The Gira SmartSensor can be used for example to switch and dim lights, control blinds and control heating. In addition, light scenes and scenarios can both be called up as well as created and changed directly by means of the Gira SmartSensor: A maximum of 12 outputs can be controlled and up to eight dynamic scenarios from the functions switching, blinds and value transmitter can be saved.

In addition the Gira SmartSensor detects the current room temperature by means of the internal temperature sensor in the operating button or by means of an external temperature sensor and computes a manipulated variable from it using the adjustable temperature set value. Valve drives can be controlled with a constant adjustment signal or with a switching adjustment signal here.


In normal mode the white background-lit display of the Gira SmartSensor displays the date, the time and the current room temperature. However, other previously specified welcoming texts, company logos, etc. can be entered. In addition the display can display ASCII text messages of up to 14 characters which are transferred via the Instabus KNX/EIB, e.g. house-internal messages in SMS form from the Instabus KNX/EIB system. Alarm messages are also processed in the SmartSensor and archived in a memory. When an alarm is active it is displayed with the alarm symbol in the display. Three types of message tones can be configured in order to differentiate acoustically between the incoming text and alarm messages. The display menu has a clear structure and has two operating levels.
Data for LC display:
  • Fully graphics compatible
  • Transflective (day/night design)
  • White background illumination through LED
  • 133 x 48 dots graphics area
  • Four lines with 22 characters each: freely editable as ASCII characters, character size 10 x 6 pixels
  • Diverse symbols for building control and building regulation integrated firmly
  • Brightness and contrast can be controlled via objects


When the operating button is pressed, the display of the Gira SmartSensors is put automatically into the active state and the system jumps to the normal mode level one level lower. When the operating button is rotated the system scrolls through the menu. When it is pressed, the selection of a menu item or of an action is confirmed. In order to prevent unauthorized changes password requests can be set up for the individual menu items.
The operating button has an orange lit background in order to facilitate orientation during darkness. It can have a master function, e.g. Light ON, assigned to it for the standby mode. Standby mode is for switching off the display when the device is not used. The backlighting and display are then switched off.

In addition to the LC display and the operating button, the Gira SmartSensor has four rockers with which the most important scenes or functions in the room can be controlled directly. The SmartSensor is programmed by means of the ETS software.


  • Intuitive handling via a button for rotating and pressing
  • Push button sensor functions and temperature control in one device
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Light scenes and scenarios can be created and changed directly at the device
  • Large, background-lit, graphical LC display
  • Clear menu structure
  • Background lighting of the operating button as orientation during darkness
  • Four buttons for which favourites functions can be assigned
  • Changeover between two languages, e.g. German/English
  • Alarm processing of max. 12 messages
  • Integration in Gira ITS 30 installation system

Language selection

The display of the Gira SmartSensors can be changed over when needed from the local language to a different specified foreign language for use in companies with international user groups, e.g. in large hotels.


The functionality of the Gira SmartSensor can be extended by means of software updates. A flash memory allows these updates to be integrated into the system at any time and without any additional trouble. This possibility offers the building constructor and investor a high degree of investment protection in order to be able to react rapidly to possible changes.

Further properties

  • Logical interconnections for room functions are possible, e.g. at window contacts (AND, OR, EXOR)
  • Max. 4 gates with max. 8 inputs per gate
  • Each light scene can additionally be triggered via a 1 bit object
  • Channels connected with light scenes can be activated/deactivated at any time by the user
  • Display texts can be defined freely
  • Diverse symbols for temperature and ventilator control are integrated and can be controlled freely in part
  • Dynamic memory management
  • Separate window contact object programmable
  • The display texts can be created in two languages and can be changed over by means of an object
  • Can be extended at any time with further functions also in an installed state by means of a flash memory (with a guaranteed future, innovation protection)
  • Processing and display of max. 12 alarm messages
  • Menu structure on 2 levels
  • 12 lines can be integrated per level
    (12 x 12 = 144 lines)
  • Password can be changed via object
  • Password protection can be deactivated via object
  • 3 different, freely definable signal tones for differentiation between alarms or messages
  • Max. 113 EIB group addresses can be processed
  • Max. 200 communication connections can be used for internal addresses and EIB group addresses
  • Free assignment of the functions switch/button, dim, blind, value transmitter/light scene auxiliary unit, room temperature controller operation
  • Controller can be de-activated (dewpoint operation) or operation of the controller can be blocked
  • Valve protection function: valve is opened cyclically every 24 hours
  • Control types: continuous PI control, switching PI control (PWM) and switching 2-point control (on/off)
  • Correcting variable objects can be inverted if necessary
  • Message objects for heating and cooling
  • Object for controller status
  • Preset controller parameters for common radiators/cooling units
  • Input object for external temperature detection

Technical data

  • Installation flush-mounted in a flush-mounted 2-gang box or in Gira ITS 30 with a 2-gang profile housing
  • Operating voltage 24 V AC/DC or 30 V DC
  • The corresponding flush-mounted 2-gang EIB bus coupler is contained in the delivery
  • Protection type: IP 20
  • Dimensions: W 93 x H 170 x D 30 mm
    Without operating button: W 93 x H 170 x D 17 mm

Areas of application

  • Companies, public facilities and offices
  • Hotels, chambers
  • Functional islands in private areas, e.g. living, kitchen, cooking areas
  • In open-plan living areas, e.g. lofts


Ingenhoven Architekten, Düsseldorf
Gira Design Team, Radevormwald

Design awards:
- red dot award product design, Design Zentrum NRW Essen, 2004
- Nominated for the 2006 Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany
- Nominated for the 2007 Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany


Operating instructions SmartSensor 4-gang
Gira Brochure (for Hong Kong)
Gira Brochure (for Shanghai)
Gira Brochure (for Singapore)