Gira Control 9 Client

Gira Control 9 Client, glass black
The new Gira Control 9 Client in combination with the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer enables regulation and control of the complete building technology with one finger. The Gira Interface on the 22.86 cm [9"] touch display ensures a clear overview and easy access. The device can also be used as a home station via the Gira DCS-IP-gateway.
The Gira Control 9 Client is a PC-based operating device for the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer. Via its touch screen with a screen diagonal of 22.86 cm [9"], the user has an overview and control of the complete building technology.

The Gira Interface displays all functions clearly and concisely. By touching the interface on the TFT touch display, functions such as switching, dimming and blind control can be carried out, and light scenes can be stored and called up. Easily understandable and intuitive menu guidance allows quick access to the desired function. All functions are available within two levels. Detailed information and operating elements are displayed in a pop-up menu. Thanks to LED backlighting, the display is always clearly visible and readable.

With integration of a loudspeaker and microphone, the Gira Control 9 Client can also be used as a home station for audio-visual door communication. The function is embedded in the Gira Interface. A colour camera is integrated for future applications.

The Gira Control 9 Client is recessed into the wall. The cover frames are available in either aluminium or glass in the colours black, white, mint and umber.

The energy consumption of the device is low. Power supply is via an integrated long range 110 – 230V power supply unit, meaning that an additional power supply unit in the flush-mounted box or distributor is not required.

The Gira Control 9 Client can be installed with an adapter into existing InfoTerminal Touch flush-mounted boxes so that older systems can be upgraded to the current standard of technology.

Available starting 11/2010


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