A system for all requirements for indoors and outdoors: single- and multi-family buildings with flush-mounted and surface-mounted installation, integration into its own system and systems from other manufacturers, with audio and video functions and vandal-proof variants for outside next to the front door.


Gira makes technology simple. Installation without cabling effort and configuration without the need for living units to be present - made possible by 2-wire bus technology and the concept of one-man start-up.

2-wire bus

The Gira door communication system is based on the 2-wire bus, whereby only two wires are required for power supply of the components and transmission of all audio and video signals. This means that, for example, an existing doorbell system can easily be replaced by the Gira door communication system.

Instead of laying new cables, existing cables are used. In new installations the 2-wire bus technology reduces the usual cabling required for a door intercom and allows rapid non-interchangeable installation.

Simple programming with one-man start-up

The Gira door communication system can be cost-efficiently programmed by one installer, enabling easier maintenance at a later date. Starting up the installation is easy: Firstly the call buttons at the door station are pressed for 3 seconds each in the sequence in which the home stations are to be assigned. Then one after another the home stations are processed by pressing the 'Light' button each time. Alternatively, processing can also be carried out by operating the floor-call button. The advantage: not all living units need to be present in order to commission the installation.

Online training course

Electricians can find online study courses covering Gira systems at the website www.gira-akademie.de. A training course is also found here about the Gira door communication system. The advantage with online learning: the user can individually decide when, how and where he learns. If he has no time, the training course can be stopped and carried on at a later date. Multimedia preparation of diversified content makes it more fun and further links offer valuable additional information. Those wishing to learn merely need to register on the page and can then start with the program straight away.