Automatic control switch 360°

Automatic control switch 360°, pure white
The automatic control switch 360° is used for for automatic light control, e.g. in long hallways and passages. It is built into the ceiling and monitors an area below it. Depending on movement and ambient brightness, the lighting is then switched on. The coverage range can be expanded through use of auxiliary units. Available colours: white and aluminium.

Technical data

  • Manual operation with auxiliary unit, push button or NO contact
  • Test mode/short-term operation
  • With System 2000 switch inserts a bell can be controlled
  • Saving a memory value with System 2000 dimming inserts via a System 2000 auxiliary unit
  • Dimming of the light, with System 2000 dimming inserts:
    When the delay time has expired, the illumination is dimmed within 30 seconds to the minimum brightness and then switched off.
  • Daytime operation
  • Detection field at mounting height: 3 m
    Ø 20 m with lateral passing
    Ø 12 m with approach directly to the device