Audio systems

Operating units for Revox multiroom system

It's part of the convenience of a modern house when music or radio stations can be heard throughout the building via a music system, and operating units are located in the various rooms with which sound can be varied and controlled in a sophisticated manner.
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EIB audio system

The KNX/EIB system can be expanded with the Gira Audio System. As a result, it is possible to select the sound sources of an existing hi-fi system and change the sound and volume in any room - and all that independently of the other rooms.
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RDS flush-mounted radio

A clean, voluminous surround sound, connection of a second loudspeaker and an external MP3 player, 2 station presets, an RDS function, convenient operation with capacitive sensor technology, sleep mode and more: The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio offers a host of new features for more ease of living.
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