Controlling complex building technology with a single finger New. Gira Control 19 Client

Gira Control 19 Client The Gira Control 19 Client is a PC-based control and regulation unit with a brilliant, capacitive touch screen. It is used to operate building technology in combination with the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer. It becomes a home station for door communication in combination with the Gira DCS-IP-gateway. The Gira Interface makes all functions easily accessible.
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Complex building technology in view
New. Gira Control 9 Client

Gira Control 9 Client The new Gira Control 9 Client in combination with the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer enables regulation and control of the complete building technology with one finger. The Gira Interface on the 22.86 cm [9"] touch display ensures a clear overview and easy access. The device can also be used as a home station via the Gira DCS-IP-gateway.
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Building control while away New. Gira Interface apps on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Building control while away The new Gira Interface apps enable convenient mobile operation of the entire technology of a building – with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, via GSM, UMTS or WLAN, and from inside or outside the building. They communicate with the Gira HomeServer 3 or FacilityServer. The Gira Interface visualises all functions clearly and makes them easily accessible.
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Operating Building technology at the touch of a button
New.Gira push button sensor 3

Gira push button sensor 3
A wide range of connected bus functions can be controlled with the Gira push button sensor 3, such as saving and calling up of light scenes, switching and dimming lights, raising and lowering blinds. Each button has two LEDs for status display and can be operated on the left, right and centrally, depending on the setting/variant.
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Style and elegance
New. Gira Classix

Gira ClassiX The cover frames of the new Gira ClassiX switch range signalise style and elegance. The elegant form is underlined with the use of high quality materials in exclusive design variants. Gira ClassiX is predestined for classic interior design concepts in sophisticated ambiences. Gira ClassiX Art sets attractive accents with elegant ornaments.
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Energy consumption
and weather at a glance
New. Gira radio energy
and weather display

Gira radio energy and weather display The Gira radio energy and weather display combines the display of weather and energy consumption data within one device and for the first time matching the switch range. So you don't just see how the weather will be but also how much electricity and gas is currently being consumed.
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New value
New cover frame variants Gira Esprit

Gira Esprit Modern interior design concepts present authentic materials with their own unique character. Gira Esprit offers sophisticated new solutions here.
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Most extensive range of functions
New. Gira British Standard

Gira British Standard The new British Standard range from Gira offers one of the most extensive range of functions worldwide for intelligent building management. As well as the 280 functions from System 55, it offers special functions for countries where installation is carried out according to British Standard. All functions can be installed into the 58 mm flush-mounted boxes and British Standard boxes and are integrated in the Gira switch ranges.
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The Gira CO2-Sensor in the switch range
New. Gira CO2-Sensor

Gira CO2-sensor The Gira CO²-Sensor Sensor enables ambient air and therefore also well-being to be improved by monitoring the CO² concentration. The quality of air is displayed via LED in traffic light colours. If set limits are exceeded, e.g. windows can be opened or fans switched on automatically, and an internal buzzer can also signify an increased level of CO² concentration.
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